These are the sports that best contribute to the growth of children 2021


The exercise is a determining factor in the growth of children . Also, not all sports contribute to their development in the same way. These are the sports that your children should practice to promote the growth of their bones and muscles.

The Exercise plays an important part in the growth of children . It is true that height is a factor that is determined in DNA , and no matter how much exercise they do, it is impossible for children to modify their genes . However, according to the Spanish Society of Adolescent Medicine , if they do not exercise during this stage of their life, it is likely that they will not reach the height they have inherited from their parents.

The reason is that the regular practice of physical exercise, apart from helping to strengthen the bones and muscles , stimulates the secretion of growth hormone and delays the production of sex hormones , which will cause adolescents to delay their «final stretch» .

But doing sports is not only essential for your physical health , a significant number of studies reveal that exercising during childhood reduces the risk of suffering from mental illnesses , such as depression, and enhances social skills .

Now that you know how important it is for your children to play sports, it’s time to decide which extracurricular activity to aim for them. These are the sports that most enhance the growth of children and adolescents .


Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist, since it works muscular power, endurance and coordination. In addition, by having to maintain a certain vertical posture in the water , children also tend to keep their spines upright while walking or running, which strengthens their back muscles. Finally, by exercising arms and legs at the same time , swimming contributes to more consistent muscle and bone growth .


The height of basketball players is not a coincidence: basketball is the sport that stimulates the growth of bones the most. The most advisable thing is that it is practiced from the age of 8, since it is the stage of childhood where the peak of growth occurs. The reason is that the repeated jumps involved in this sport cause, over time, the bones to lengthen.


Riding a bicycle is another activity closely related to the correct muscular development in childhood. Pedaling supports the development of the legs, which encourages the bones of the lower body to stretch . In addition, it prevents the appearance of joint injuries during adult life.


Finally, dance is another discipline closely related to height . When dancing, children unconsciously memorize certain postures that, as with swimming, they will also repeat when they are off the dance floor. In addition, dance contributes to strengthening muscles , stretching bones and improving coordination

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