7 healthy habits for boys and girls


Are you worried that your sons and daughters have a balanced diet and play sports?

The health of children is essential for them to become healthy adults and to have a full life. Children’s health is based on three fundamental elements: the prevention of contagious diseases through vaccination, the early detection of developmental problems with regular check-ups and the promotion of  healthy habits for boys and girls.

Promoting  healthy habits for boys and girls  is important for several reasons:

  • It is easier for children to acquire healthy habits as children, so that they better internalize them and preserve them throughout their adult lives.
  • Healthy habits prevent diseases in adults and help the person to be healthy in all its dimensions: physical, mental and social, among others.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being. Therefore, perhaps it is more correct to speak of a healthy lifestyle, than of a healthy life.

What is a healthy habit?

A healthy habit is that behavior or conduct that we carry out and that positively affects our physical, mental and social well-being. In general, healthy habits refer to food, hygiene and sports.

If you want your sons and daughters to acquire healthy habits, you can follow a series of phases or guidelines:

  • Write on a paper or on a computer document the healthy lifestyle habits that you want your sons and daughters to acquire. It is necessary that they are specific habits and that they can be achievable.
  • Analyze how these new habits will affect the lives of children.
  • Create a pleasant environment for your sons and daughters to learn habits easily. You can use games, for example.
  • Reward their progress and don’t punish their mistakes. It is essential that children feel comforted when they gradually acquire healthy habits and that guilt is not generated when there is a small mistake or setback.

7 healthy habits for boys and girls

You may need ideas of  healthy habits for boys and girls , so we suggest some that you can start applying today:

  • Eat in a healthy and balanced way.  A healthy diet consists of including all the nutrients, but in the right proportion, taking special care with sugars and fats. The key is to get them to eat:
    • More fruits and vegetables. The amount of five daily servings of fruit and vegetables should be reached. For example, it may happen that your sons or daughters do not like vegetables, but they do like sweets. To get them to get into the habit of eating vegetables, you can have them help you cook them or prepare them in a fun way.
    • Less protein.  For example, they could eat meat three times a week and fish three times a week.
    • More cereals.  Bread, rice or pasta are also essential in the diet.
    • Less fast food.  It is better to avoid it because of its high fat content.

At Educo we are aware that many families in Spain cannot offer their sons and daughters a healthy diet. With our Dining Scholarships we guarantee that the children of these families have at least one healthy and balanced meal a day.

  • Have good habits when eating . It is not only about eating well but also about acquiring eating habits that are good for children such as having a good breakfast before going to school to have energy and learn. At Educo we know that children with an empty stomach cannot concentrate in class, and that is why you can help to make this change. Other good habits can be: always eat at the same time, prepare a weekly menu that combines all the nutrients and eat with our sons and daughters to be their role model in terms of healthy habits.
  • Drinking water . Water is not only important to hydrate our body, which is made up largely of water, but also to eliminate toxins. A good option for children are natural fruit juices such as orange or apple.
  • Do physical exercise . Along with food, sport is essential for children to develop properly. Children’s physical activity increases their performance in school. You can plan physical activities such as walks in the mountains or soccer games in the park, the essential thing is that your sons and daughters do not see it as an obligation, but as an activity to enjoy.
  • Watch television less or use the computer less . Many children spend hours and hours in front of the television or computer, playing games or watching cartoons. It is advisable to replace these activities with other  healthy habits for children such as reading or crafts, healthier and with which they can learn.
  • Have correct hygiene habits . Hygiene is essential to avoid health problems, so we must teach our children healthy habits such as washing their hands before eating, brushing their teeth after every meal, or showering or bathing every day.
  • Share time with other people . Human beings are social beings and we need contact with other people. Children need to interact, so it is advisable, for their mental health, that we organize activities such as birthdays, walks in the park or games with other children.

In short, it is about changing habits a little so that our sons and daughters have better health and can face daily challenges with energy and good humor.

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