3 habits to lose weight with the help of your pet


There are several things you can do to lose weight with your pet. We teach them here, so that you are aware of all the strategies that you can apply.

3 habits to lose weight with the help of your pet

Do you have a pet that you adore but with whom you live little? Have you noticed that you and your pet have a few extra kilos? Although it may sound strange,  our lifestyle affects our pets. Find out how you can lose weight with the help of your pet.

Many times we forget that it is not enough to love and feed our pets well. We must also allow enough time for them to play and exercise. After all, it costs nothing and it benefits us too.

Going for a walk is the most common way to lose weight with the help of your pet. However, there are many more alternatives. It’s all about being enthusiastic and creative. Our pet will thank us with much love and joy.

Benefits of doing activities with our pet

  1. You will reduce stress levels.
  2. You will increase the quality of life.
  3. You will favor the production of endorphins.
  4. You will strengthen the cardiovascular system and that of your pet.
  5. You will tone muscles and take care of your pet’s muscles.
  6. You will help your pet to be more sociable and to enjoy the open spaces.

To enjoy these benefits you have to put into practice the  following habits  as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? You can lose  weight with the help of your pet and be happier.

3 habits to lose weight with the help of your pet

With the following habits you will achieve efficient weight loss.

1. Take your dog for a walk or a run

Take your dog for a walk or a run

Don’t you have the motivation to go for a walk every day and your dog destroys everything in its path? Obviously you need to fix this. In that case, you will love the first  trick to lose weight with the help of your pet.

All you need is to have a little time  ca da day and go for a walk or run. We recommend walking if you haven’t been doing any physical activity for a long time.

On the other hand, if you have a large dog, we recommend that you run together and then slow down a bit. This is important for several reasons:

  • 30 minutes of daily exercise considerably reduces the levels of triglycerides, blood glucose and maintains a good hormonal balance in the body.
  • Exercise will improve intestinal transit and this will allow nutrients to be better absorbed. Additionally, physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of constipation.
  • Your dog will release his energy  properly , so he will stop having bad habits, such as chewing on objects.

All you need to have on hand is a good pair of athletic shoes for yourself and a bib for your dog . We do not recommend that you wear it tied from the necklace, as it can hurt.

It would also be good to bring a bottle of water and a small plastic container with you to give your dog water on breaks. Hydration is very important!

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2. Play with your cat

lose weight with the help of your pet

Those who have feline pets can also benefit from daily walks. For this you can find leashes and bibs (similar to those of dogs) to which the cat  will get used to in a short time. Establish a good routine and stick to it.

On the other hand, cats also need you to play with them at home. Catching or chasing things is something cats love  . This means that they  retain a lot of their hunting instinct.  For this you can choose the following:

  • Buy a small ball (or several of different sizes) and roll it to attract your cat’s attention.
  • Get some feathers and tie them to a string. Walk around your yard or room and hold the toy in the air for your cat to try to catch it.

You don’t have to spend half an hour on this. The most attractive option might be to take short breaks from your routine of 5 or 10 minutes every hour or every two hours. In this way, both remain active throughout the day.

Keep in mind that exercise is one of the best strategies for losing weight according to a study published in Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases . Taking advantage of this to make your cat happy is doubly beneficial.

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3. Choose healthy foods and snacks


Another fundamental habit to lose weight with the help of your pet is to improve the quality of their diet. For this to be successful, you can:

  • Choose better quality foods. For yourself, cook fresh, quality food that includes vegetables , fruits, meats, and seeds. For your pet, change the commercial food of questionable quality for food from recognized brands or prepare your own homemade food.  
  • Change commercial preparations for fruit and vegetables . The next time you have a sweet tooth, opt for an apple with peanut butter. To reward your pet, ask your vet what fruits or vegetables you can give him and in what quantity. Avoid buying ultra-processed foods as much as possible. These have trans fats in their composition, elements that have been shown to be capable of damaging health.

Consult with the vet and get ready to lose weight accompanied by your pet

Check with your vet before changing your pet’s diet. Think that fruits are for them like chocolates and sweets for us. They can be tasty but harmful.

On the other hand, cooking his food can save you a lot of money and you save him health risks. Follow these tips to lose weight with the help of your pet and thus be  able to enjoy many pleasant moments.

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