How to control yourself with food on weekends


One of the first clients I had told me something that I later saw in most of the people that I have helped to improve their habits.

We are going to give her a fictitious name: Claudia.

Claudia came to my office and told me that from Monday to Friday I ate well, arguing that eating «well» for her meant eating vegan, dispensing with chocolate, not eating processed products, eating gluten-free whole grains, lots of vegetables and having chia puddings for breakfast , green smoothies and oat flakes with vegetable drink, for example. But she also told me and related how when she arrived on Friday night and felt alone with her daughter after her divorce, she began to eat sweets and chocolate in an uncontrolled way without even «caring» if they were vegan, processed or made with sugar. and other refined and poor quality ingredients.

The first sign that I detected in what was happening to Claudia and where the solution had to go was when she said the phrase «From Monday to Friday as well.» Is it about living food as «doing it right or wrong»? Of course not. This phrase has been told me many times by people who have done online programs with me, retreats and, in general, by people who have had the opportunity to tell me about their type of diet.

So, there are several things you can do to prevent this from happening to you and from eating healthy to bingeing and cravings for «forbidden» foods on the weekend.


  1. Know your bioindividuality. That is, knowing what you personally like and what is best for you. For example, if you are more sweet or salty, if you prefer to eat 5 meals a day or 3, if you like to have a snack or not, etc.
  2. Respect your bioindividuality. It makes no sense to go against what you like and what suits you. That is, if you like chocolate, why try to eliminate it from your diet instead of incorporating it in its healthier version that you like on a daily basis? For example, with Claudia we changed the prohibition that she had imposed on herself not to eat chocolate because she associated that with gaining weight and being unhealthy by incorporating cocoa in her smoothies, in her chia puddings, in raw vegan balls, etc. And so when the weekend rolled around and she felt more emotionally vulnerable, she had no need to «attack» the processed chocolate. In addition, of course, we work on the emotional aspect, their beliefs, their feeling of loneliness, self-demand and perfectionism, among other things.
  3. Stop repressing and judging yourself.Once you know what you like and what is best for you, respect it and, above all, do not judge yourself for it if it is not what you would like it to be mentally or if it is not the most «conventional» or «healthy» thing. For example, I know of people who like to have salads for breakfast, a fact that is not the most common. Or I also know people who eat healthy and who like to have a coffee a day after breakfast, a fact that for some people may not be so healthy. And I have a friend who eats very healthy but who loves to eat a bag of potato chips from time to time and not to eat it in any way on the weekend when she stays with her friends she buys them organic and eats them quietly at home watching a movie or takes it to the bar when meeting friends.
  4. Be more flexible and tolerant. It happened to me personally years ago that I was very uncompromising with my food decisions, without listening to me at all times if I wanted something or not. The fact of having repressed myself for so many years trying cookies, muffins and croissants, for example, made that remain in my unconscious and many years later I began to binge to, among other things, try everything that for so long was for me forbidden. This on a smaller scale is what may be happening to you on a daily basis. So, be more flexible and tolerant when it comes to allowing yourself to eat things that you really crave. If they satisfy you in their healthiest version, great, but if not, allow yourself to eat it when you see that you really want it very much from love towards you, not in a moment of emotional discomfort.
  5. To be creative. Imagine ways to be able to eat what you like so much during the week and that you only allow yourself to eat it on the weekend. For example, I have never understood why when someone goes on a diet they have to have a day off and, furthermore, it has to be the weekend. First of all, for me there does not have to be a day off, but eating should always be lived as something free and chosen by oneself. And secondly, I don’t understand why it has to be the weekend and not a weekday. For example, imagine that you are following a specific diet of these and it tells you that Sunday is a day off for you but just that day you spend it at home calmly and you do not mind eating healthy but, instead, you love Wednesdays go to the movies and then go out to dinner.
  6. Have a proactive attitude. If you have discovered that you love cakes, ice cream, bread or any other food that it is very easy to end up eating it in an unhealthy version if you do not have it healthy at home, take action now, take a proactive attitude, and learn to Make them on your own in a healthy way, find out where you can get them, etc. Today there is a lot of information, recipes, and companies that make healthy versions of everything. Make sure you always have what you like at home or on hand, that you carry it with you when you go to a restaurant on the weekend, etc.
  7. Nourish yourself with primary foods. If you do not put all the weight of your health, happiness and well-being into your diet, you will not need to decompress, escape or reward yourself with food when the weekend arrives. I remind you of the primary foods: doing physical exercise, enjoying healthy and beautiful relationships with people and with yourself, practicing daily moments of spirituality and connection with yourself and having a job that you like with which you feel fulfilled and aligned with your purpose.
  8. Observe you with curiosity. If despite all the advice I have given you, there are times when the weekend arrives you eat something that you exceed with the amounts of food or you eat things that you would not do during the week, observe it with curiosity and do not judge or punish yourself for it .
  9. Have patience. Thinking that from one day to the next you are going to change this inertia of overeating on the weekend or eating things that you would like to lose from your diet is not realistic. It is emotional, mental and deep work, so be patient and be gentle with yourself in the face of relapses.
  10. To look for help. Sometimes we have to seek help from a professional to help us relearn how to eat, change habits, manage emotions, etc.


  1. Because during the week you rewind calories or micro or macro nutrients, that is, it may be that you have uncontrolled hunger on the weekend because you do not know how to eat in a balanced way during the week.
  2. Because from Monday to Friday you do not allow yourself to eat fat for fear of gaining weight and on the weekend the body asks you for it unconsciously and, therefore, uncontrollably.
  3. Because your daily food lacks «spark», flavor, grace … and you need to go find it outside.
  4. Because you don’t know how to say no to the insistence of your friends or table mates who insist that you have to eat «normal.» This is because you do not value yourself enough, or you are not sure what you want or you actually want to eat what they offer you even if you mentally consider that you should not.
  5. Because you love to eat and you have a personality in which food is an act of enormous enjoyment and when you are in a moment of joy such as a meeting with friends or a romantic dinner with your partner, your enjoyment is triggered to the fullest.
  6. Because you feel alone and empty, and when the weekend comes you realize it more because you are not working and you fill up emotionally with food.
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