The importance of our health resides among other things in the diet we eat, today we are talking about healthy foods:  ranking of the 30 most important foods for your body .

You will see how easy it is to incorporate them into your diet. You will also see that they are foods that are within our reach, accessible, economical to a greater extent and easy to use.

Healthy foods that consumed naturally, either in short cooking or introduced in more elaborate recipes, will provide us with good doses of quality nutrients necessary for our bodies to work at full speed.

Are you ready? Well, let the ranking begin:

In number 1:

1. Garlic

Don’t let them tell you stories. Despite its «bad reputation» for being a strong ingredient and that leaves us with a peculiar breath, garlic has a great nutritional value and we are also facing a food that has very few calories, all this coupled with having a lot of vitamin C , vitamin B6 and manganese. Just by adding it to our daily meals we are already providing its nutrients, but if we also want to intensify its powers, you can take a peeled garlic clove on an empty stomach. An ally when it comes to reducing bad cholesterol and taking care of our heart and purifying ourselves.


2. The onion

Another of the star ingredients in our kitchens is onion, perfect for avoiding circulatory problems, fighting cholesterol and hypertension and if this were not enough, it is also a diuretic ingredient. Consume it both raw and added to your pots, grilled and remember that it is also the star ingredient of any good stir-fry.

3. Beets

A food that helps us prevent diseases and a great source of iron, we leave you the link to the following article in which we tell you all the details about this super food that you cannot fail to include in your shopping basket. (Link:
In Huercasa we sell it ready to eat. (Link:


4. The carrot

Rich in a lot of nutrients, it stands out especially for its vitamin A and its carotenoids. They are also a source of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium iodine. Don’t miss it! Add them to your salads or use them as a crudité to dip or as a snack in the snacks of the little ones in the house.
In Huercasa we offer it to you already cooked and in sticks. (Link:

5. The eggs

Rich in proteins of high biological value, it contains all the essential amino acids. Until recently there was the belief that its consumption had to be moderated, today there are studies that show that not only are they not bad but that the consumption of eggs, every day is beneficial, cooked, boiled, in an omelette or scrambled they are a good source of nutrients from which to benefit on a daily basis.

The eggs

6. Lentils

A great source of protein of vegetable origin, in addition to their so-called iron, they are also rich in potassium, phosphorus and calcium. They have fiber and are satiating while low in fat, so perfect for weight loss or high energy diets. Some good stewed lentils with abundant vegetables and a handful of brown rice are a perfect unique dish. (Link:

7. Chickpeas

Continuing with legumes, we find another of the most traditional ingredients used in our kitchens. You must include them in your diet since they are a source of B vitamins, highlighting B9, folic acid and in addition to vitamin A and some vitamin C. It also provides us with minerals such as calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, selenium or zinc. There is no doubt, right? Another basic more than justified. In hummus or in the traditional stew they are always welcome. (Link:

The chickpeas

8. The pinto or red beans

They are our favorites, although all beans are welcome, red beans have a high zinc content, help us to increase defenses by strengthening the immune system and can also be beneficial for optimal fertility, among many other interesting properties. Have you tried adding them to your salads? Go ahead and try and tell us! (Link:

9. Brown rice

We always emphasize that cereals are consumed in their integral form, in addition to being healthier we thus increase their nutritional properties. In this case, brown rice helps us control blood sugar levels, preventing diabetes, also obesity, reducing blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Always having a container in the fridge with rice or other whole grain cereal cooked previously, we will also save a lot of time when preparing our meals or dinners at the last minute. (Link:

Brown rice

10. Corn

Another of our favorite foods, do you know that it helps to strengthen the brain? It is also perfect to stimulate the mood and calm the nerves. We tell you seven recipes to get the most out of this versatile and tasty ingredient here. (Link:
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The corn

11. Peas

A lot of protein and few carbohydrates, also little fat, as well as essential minerals, calcium, phosphorus … rich both to eat raw and cooked if you add them to your favorite dishes or stews. Kids love them!

12. The blue fish

The best that we can find in this group of fish is its high content of omega 3, perfect when it comes to fighting cardiovascular diseases. It also stands out for its proteins and minerals, among which we highlight phosphorus and magnesium, vitamins of group B and vitamins A and D. It is best to cook it on the grill and not overuse the sauces if it is stewed. . Anchovies, tuna, salmon, what is your favorite? We really like mackerel, which is also great in salad.

13. Spinach

They stand out for their high content of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. Regarding vitamins, spinach has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, B vitamins, especially folic acid. Consume them preferably raw, a good way is to make them in a smoothie, that way we take a large amount in a drunk format very easy to assimilate and delicious, that does not throw you back the color, green smoothies are great, since compared to the Juices, these retain all the fiber and do not become free sugars.

The spinach

14. The orange

Famous is its large amount of Vitamin C, and we should not forget that it has many other properties, it is great for preventing cardiovascular diseases and a great antioxidant food. We usually take them as a sweet dessert, but have you tried adding them to your savory dishes? When grilled, it is delicious as a garnish with some raisins and pine nuts. Give your kitchen imagination and you will not be able to stop enjoying while making sure you eat delicious and healthy.

15. The apple

It contains pectin, a soluble fiber that helps us reduce cholesterol in the blood. Also, minerals such as potassium, responsible for controlling blood pressure reducing the risk of heart problems. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, is it true? We think so.

16. The pumpkin

Rich in water and with very few calories as well as delicious, which makes it another of our safe bets. It mainly provides complex hydrates, also a large amount of fiber and to highlight: its carotenes. In Huercasa we sell it ready to eat. (Link:

The pumpkin

17. The grapes

They improve your mood and help you recover from tiredness and exhaustion. They are a great source of antioxidants. They are also a «detox» fruit that helps our body to cleanse and purify itself.

18. Blackberries

These delicious fruits are very rich in vitamin C, in addition, they have a large amount of fiber, are low in calories and have, like grapes, a large amount of antioxidants.

19. Blueberries

«Blueberries provide nutrients that strengthen the immune system and protect the health of the heart, digestive system and brain», you can read more about them at the following link:

The Cranberries

20. Broccoli

Although we are used to thinking that the foods with more vitamin C are oranges, we are wrong, this is the case of broccoli, which is one of the foods with more vitamin C, calcium, fiber, folic acid … a delight of the most nutritious.

21. Cauliflower

The best friend of our brain. That its smell when cooking does not throw you back, we are facing a full-fledged protective food. Try substituting grated cauliflower for grains of rice to prepare a delicious plate of fresh salad or gratin it with béchamel sauce and grated cheese on top.

22. Swiss chard

This green leafy vegetable is rich in Vitamin A, so it helps us maintain healthy and beautiful skin as well as good vision and strong and shiny healthy hair. Like raw spinach, you can add them to your green smoothies and thus benefit from its properties in a very simple way.

23. Almonds

Within the group of nuts, we would like to share almonds in this ranking. Almonds contain a high content of healthy monounsaturated fats, a good dose of fiber, a lot of protein and many other nutrients to take into account. So, don’t miss your handful of nuts every day. They are a very healthy snack.

24. Walnuts

If we love almonds, we love walnuts no less. These are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that promote our intellectual development, help our brain to work and also keep us alert.

Walnuts and almonds

25. Sesame seeds

These small seeds are loaded with calcium, remember to crush them before consuming them in order to promote their assimilation. They also contain high-quality protein and healthy fats, which in turn make them very caloric. We like to put a few in vinaigrettes for example.

26. Pumpkin seeds

Great for diabetes, we also highlight that they are very good for the health of the prostate of men and also relaxes and relieves the symptoms of menopause in women.

27. Lean meat

It is one of the healthiest that we can find if we choose to consume animal meat. This, in addition to proteins, has minerals and vitamins that make it a food rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus and various vitamins, especially group B. It hardly contains fat so it helps us fight obesity, prevents cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. Grilled chicken or turkey, also rabbit are low-fat meats that are usually indicated in weight loss diets.

28. The sweet potato

Autumn fruit that we can’t like more, rich in provitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene. Great for skin, eye health, and general beauty. Roasts are a delight and we are already in full season. Add them to your shopping list! (Link:

Sweet potato

29. The tomato

It is rich in vitamins and minerals, it also provides us with vitamin C and is a great natural antioxidant. It also stands out in vitamin A, vitamin K, iron and potassium.

30. The water

And does water feed? Well, yes and it is also essential for life. Without adequate water consumption our body will not function properly. Do not miss approximately eight glasses of water a day in your diet.

We could continue to list foods as well as their qualities and their nutritional contributions, let us be aware of the importance of eating healthy, of enjoying a diet rich in vegetables and vegetables, in varied fruits and in real quality products.

In the natural is the key, in the kitchen of our grandmothers, they wise teachers gave us pots full of love, love that nourishes body and soul with a spoon now that autumn is coming and the days are beginning to cool.

Also remember the importance of doing moderate exercise, it will be enough to walk a minimum of thirty minutes a day at a fast pace, use the stairs instead of the elevator or if you use public transport get off one stop before your destination and take the opportunity to walk those extra meters, These are actions that may seem insignificant but that help us to have good habits and lead a non-passive lifestyle.

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