Eating well is possible. These 16 healthy recipes prove it. Without too many complications and with ingredients that you surely have.



We started with some salads to continue with creams, dishes to improve health with eggs, pasta, meat, vegetables and fish. Ah! And we forget about desserts. This salad with orange , goat cheese and pistachios , these provide vitamin B1 and vitamin B6, riboflavin, vitamin E, vitamin K and folic acid. If you do not have, replace them with another dried fruit.

200 g of escarole
50 g of arugula (substitute endive and arugula for whatever lettuce you have)
2 oranges
300 g of goat cheese roll (reduce calories with fresh cheese)
50 g of pistachios
5 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon sherry vinegar
Chives (optional)

1. Chop, wash and dry the endive. Wash and dry the arugula.
2. Cut an orange and a half into wedges and remove the skin. Squeeze the remaining half to extract the juice.
3. Wash, dry and chop the chives.
4. Peel and chop the pistachios.
5. Make the vinaigrette by mixing four tablespoons of oil with the vinegar, two tablespoons of orange juice, a pinch of salt and two tablespoons of chopped chives.
6. Remove the crust from the goat cheese roll, cut the cheese into pieces, brush your hands with oil to form small balls and roll them with the chopped pistachios.
7. Distribute the ingredients on the plates and dress with the vinaigrette.

Salad plate 00436238
TWO.SIMPLE AND HEALTHY SALAD WITH AVOCADOStrawberries and avocados are the star ingredients of this dish that improves health because the former provide vitamin C, among others, and the latter are known as «green gold.» Its potassium helps lower blood pressure. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 35 MIN
1 bag of sprouts
8 strawberries
32 strawberries
16 cherry tomatoes
1 avocado
1 date
1/2 lemon
1 orange
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of poppy seeds
Freshly ground black pepper PREPARATION:
1. Squeeze the orange and mix its juice, olive oil, seedless date and a pinch of freshly ground black pepper in the blender. Beat until smooth and add the poppy seeds last.
2. Peel the avocado, remove the bone and cut its pulp into cubes of about 2 cm. Drizzle them with lemon juice so they don’t get rusty.
3. Cut the cherry tomatoes into halves and the strawberries into halves or quarters, depending on how large they are.
4. Assemble the dishes. Mentally divide the plate into 4 parts, as if it were the dial of a clock, and put the tender salad shoots in one, the tomatoes in another, the strawberries in another and the avocado in another. Decorate the salad with the strawberries and accompany it with the orange vinaigrette with poppy seeds.
recipes-improve-health-carpaccio-cucumber 00386319
3.CUCUMBER CARPACCIO WITH SARDINESA recipe for confinement that improves health and takes care of you because cucumber provides fiber, vitamins of group B, C, E and A and contains important minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 35 MIN
2 cucumbers
12 clean sardines and fillets (you can use canned sardines)
75 g of goat cheese or feta
1 lemon
For the vinaigrette:
6 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of Sherry vinegar
1 sprig of mint
1. Wash the sardines, put them in a bowl and sprinkle them with the lemon juice. Cover them with plastic wrap and leave them to marinate in the fridge for 3 hours. You can opt for sardines or sardines in oil or preserved lemon.
2. Meanwhile, prepare the vinaigrette: beat the oil with the vinegar and a pinch of salt until you get a sauce. Add the minced mint and 2 tablespoons of capers.
3. Wash the cucumber, cut it into thin slices (with a knife and patience or with a mandolin) and place them on a plate, overlapping them.
4. Drain the sardines, chop them and add them.
5. Flavor with pepper, season with the vinaigrette and serve sprinkled with the cheese.

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FOUR.HEALTHY RECIPE: PEA CREAMThe creams are perfect for winter and summer. You can take advantage of it to make healthy creams with the vegetables you have in the refrigerator . Peas are a source of vegetable protein and numerous minerals and prevent heart disease thanks to their cholesterol-lowering lutein content. Take care of yourself with a good pea cream ! INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 40 MINUTES
600g of peas
2 potatoes
2 leeks
30g of butter
100g of gorgonzola
2 slices of loaf bread
2 tablespoons of pine nuts
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper PREPARATION:
1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices.
2. Clean the leeks and cut them into discs.
3. Cut the bread into small cubes and toast it in the oven, 10 min at 180 ° (optional).
4. Toast the pine nuts in a skillet, over low heat.
5. Heat the butter in a pot and add the leek. Cook over low heat for 10 min. Then add the potato and peas, cover with 1 liter of water, cover and cook for 20 minutes.
6. Season and blend.
7. Serve the cream very hot, accompanied by bread, pine nuts, diced gorgonzola and a drizzle of olive oil.You can choose to use canned peas, just sautéing them but not boiling them in water. Accompany the cream only with a splash of oil and, if you have at home, some chia seeds. 
recipes-improve-health-cream-carrot 00388402
5.CARROT CREAMWrite this down: carrots are rich in vitamins (C, E, B3, B6, B1, B2); carotenes, retinol and folic acid. Would you like to prepare a cream with them? INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 20 MINUTES
1/2 kg of carrots
1 onion
2 oranges
60 g of butter
1 tablespoon of flour
400 ml of chicken broth
100 ml of liquid cream
50 g of grated Parmesan cheese
20 g of pine nuts
1. Peel the onion and carrots, and chop them. Sauté the first one in the butter for 2 min. Add the carrot, sprinkle with the flour, pour in the broth, salt and pepper and cook for 10 min.
2. Chop the pine nuts and mix them with the cheese. Form the cheese crisps by melting 4 tablespoons of the mixture in a skillet. Make 8 crisp. This step is optional, skip it if you don’t have ingredients or if you don’t want to get complicated.
3. Grind the vegetables, add the orange juice and cream to the carrot cream, adjust the salt and stir.
4. Divide the cream into 4 bowls and serve decorated with the crunchy cheese and pine nuts.
recipes-improve-health-pure-cauliflower 00388403
6.A VERY ORIGINAL HEALTHY RECIPE: CAULIFLOWER PUREECauliflower (a vegetable in the broccoli, romanescu, cabbage or cabbage family) is healthy for its nutrients, which help reduce the risk of various diseases. They are low in calories. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 20 MINUTES
2 potatoes
200 g cauliflower
70 g green beans
100 g smoked salmon
4 tablespoons Greek yogurt
Chopped dill
50 g butter
1 pinch of nutmeg
1. Clean the cauliflower, wash it and separate it into twigs.
2. Peel the potatoes and chop them. Cook the potatoes and cauliflower in salted water for 15 min. Drain, mash and mix with the butter, dill, pepper, and nutmeg.
3. Clean the beans, cut them and cook them in salted water for 12 min. Drain and mix with the puree.
4. Fill a pastry ring on a plate with the puree. Press lightly with the back of a spoon and carefully remove the ring.You can add some shredded smoked salmon, even add some beaten yogurt if you like contrasting flavors.
7.DO YOU FANCY PASTA? TRY THIS WITH AVOCADO AND BASILPasta is healthy. It is not always accompanied by extra caloric sauces. Whole wheat pasta provides more fiber. We already know that avocado is one of the fashionable superfoods. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 15 MINUTES
320 g of whole grain macaroni
1 avocado
50 g of black olives
A handful of basil leaves
1/2 lemon
4 tablespoons of olive oil
40 g of Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper PREPARATION:
1. Peel the avocado, cut it in half and remove the bone. Crush the pulp in the blender glass, together with the juice of half a lemon, 3 tablespoons of water, salt and pepper.
2. Prepare the basil oil. Wash a handful of basil leaves and mash them with the olive oil and a pinch of salt.
3. Cut the pitted olives into slices.
4. Remove shavings from the Parmesan cheese with the help of a peeler and set them aside.
5. Cook the pasta in plenty of salty water until it is al dente (respect the time indicated by the manufacturer). Drain well and arrange in a large bowl.
6. Add the avocado cream and stir for a few moments.
7. Divide this preparation into 4 flat plates, drizzle with the basil oil, add the olives and serve immediately garnished with the Parmesan cheese shavings.
recipes-improve-health-pasta-asparagus 00376200
8.PASTA WITH HAM, ASPARAGUS AND ARTICHOKESThe green asparagus have very few calories and provide lots of fiber , also vitamins, especially A, B1, B2, B6, C and E; and minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium). And artichokes contain phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and vitamins (B1, C, and niacin, a type of B vitamin). INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 55 MINUTES
Green asparagus
Short pasta
1 lemon
Serrano ham (you can substitute for cold turkey meat )
Salt and oil
1. Clean, wash and cut 4 artichokes into wedges. Cook them in salted water and with the lemon juice, 10 min.
2. Cook 350 g of pasta in salted water, until al dente. Drain it.
3. Clean a bunch of asparagus, wash and sauté 2 min in a pan of oil.
4. Mix the peeled and minced garlic with 20 g of almonds and the drained artichokes.
5. Season, add the pasta and serve with a few slices of ham and parsley.
recipe-improve-health-salad-rice 00361789
9.RICE SALADThis recipe improves your health and you can make it during isolation to maintain a balanced diet. The two main categories are brown rice and white rice, but there are thousands of varieties among which you will be familiar with wild rice, red or basmati . The benefits of rice for your health are noticeable in the skin, intestines, blood, metabolism, energy levels, blood pressure, digestions or the immune system. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 20 MINUTES
Rice to taste
1. Sauté an onion and garlic.
2. Add the rice, sprinkle with broth in the proportion required by the variety of rice chosen and cook long enough. 
3. Drain and serve.
4. Add olives, anchovies, spinach, and diced tomatoes.
5. Serve the salad cold, dressed with oil, salt and balsamic vinegar.
recipes-improve-health-eggs-asparagus 00382795
10.SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH GREEN ASPARAGUS AND HAM STRIPSThe egg is a great source of vitamin B12 (cobalamin), concentrated mainly in the yolk. It also provides vitamin B1, B2, niacin, folic acid, vitamins A, D and E. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 25 MINUTES
4 eggs
1 bunch of tender asparagus
1 clove of garlic
40 g of duck or Iberian ham (optional or substitutable for cold cuts of turkey or ham)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1. Clean the asparagus removing the hardest part of the stem. Chop up the largest ones.
2. Peel the garlic and chop it.
3. Heat the oil in a skillet and sauté the garlic and asparagus for 2 to 4 minutes depending on the thickness.
4. Crack the eggs into a bowl, salt them and beat them.
5. Add them to the pan with the asparagus and, over low heat, stir for a minute until set. Serve the scrambled eggs on plates and decorate with ham strips.
recipes-improve-health-chickpeas-tuna 00388404
ELEVEN.CHICKPEA SALAD WITH TUNALegumes always bring benefits to your health. And canned they are perfect to consume without spending too much time cooking . Chickpeas are a source of B vitamins, above all, they provide folic acid and vitamin A and a little vitamin C. It also has many nucleic acids. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 15 MINUTES
300 g of cooked chickpeas
12 cherry tomatoes
1/2 chives
1 cooked corn on the cob
1 bag of lamb’s lettuce
1 can of tuna in olive oil
4 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of Sherry vinegar
1. Clean the spring onion and chop it.
2. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into wedges.
3. Toast the whole ear on the grill, turning it as it browns. Extract the grains with the help of a knife.
4. Rinse the chickpeas and mix with the corn, tomatoes, onion, washed lamb’s lettuce and drained tuna.
5. Cover this mixture and let it rest in the refrigerator for about 30 min.
6. Meanwhile, make a vinaigrette: beat 1 teaspoon of mustard with the vinegar, salt and pepper. Add the oil and a pinch of oregano and beat again until you get an emulsified sauce.
7. Serve the chickpea salad dressed with the vinaigrette.
recipe-improve-health-chicken-vegetables 00383984
12.CHICKEN STIR FRY WITH VEGETABLES AND ALMONDSThis recipe is healthy and very appetizing in taste and color. In addition, the mixture of textures is pleasant to the palate. Adding nuts to dishes , such as almonds in this one, is an extra rich in fiber. The good thing about this dish is that you can use the vegetables that you already have at home. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 35 MINUTES
400 g of chicken breast
100 g of carrot
150 g of green asparagus
The juice of 1/2 lemon
150 g of green beans
1 zucchini
Soy sauce
1 red onion
40 g of almonds
A sprig of thyme
2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
100 g of garlic PREPARATION:
1. Clean the asparagus and remove the base of its stem.
2. Peel the carrots, wash and cut into strips.
3. Trim the beans and clean the garlic. Chop the vegetables.
4. Wash the zucchini and cut it into slices.
5. Peel the onion and split it into feathers.
6. Cook the carrots in salted water for 5 min, the beans for 7 min and the asparagus for 3 min.
7. Sauté the chicken cut into strips in the oil, 3 min.
8. Add the garlic, onion, almonds and zucchini and continue cooking for 2 min.
9. Add carrots, beans and asparagus and cook 2 min.
10. Pour in the lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and washed thyme, sauté for about 2 more minutes and serve.
recipes-improve-health-squid-vegetables 00388406
13.SQUID WITH VEGETABLESTake a look at your frozen fish and take advantage of it in this time of confinement. You can also order fish online and take advantage of it to benefit from the benefits it has. Squid specifically is a low-mercury food. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 15 MINUTES
4 medium squid
2 carrots
1 zucchini
1 spring onion
1/2 green pepper
1 clove of garlic
1 sprig of parsley
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
4 tablespoons of olive oil
1. Clean the vegetables and peel the carrots. Cut them into thin strips with a mandolin.
2. Peel the garlic and chop it.
3. Sauté the vegetables in 2 tablespoons of oil for 1 min, continuing to stir with a wooden spoon. Add the garlic and soy sauce, sauté everything together for a few more seconds, remove and set aside.
3. Clean the squid, wash and salt and pepper them. Brown the squid in the remaining oil for 2 to 3 min on each side, until they are done on the inside.
4. Divide the vegetables among 4 plates, add the squid and serve them immediately, sprinkled with the washed and chopped parsley.
recipes-improve-health-monkfish 00391552
recipes-improve-health-kiwi-cheese 00411302
FIFTEEN.DON’T GIVE UP ON A DESSERT THAT IMPROVES YOUR HEALTHAgave syrup or whole grain molasses are much healthier and sweeter than refined sugar and contain enzymes, minerals and vitamins. It is what we use in this recipe to sweeten: fresh cheese and kiwi millefeuille . INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 25 MINUTES
250 g of fresh cheese
4 kiwis
4 sheets of filo pastry
4 tablespoons of agave syrup
60 g of butter or sunflower oil

1. Preheat the oven to 180 ºC.
2. Melt the butter over low heat and brush the filo pastry with the melted butter. If you prefer, reduce calories and saturated fat by using the same amount of sunflower oil.
3. Fold each sheet of filo dough over itself into a long, narrow strip, about two inches wide.
4. Cut each strip of filo dough into three equal portions to obtain three identical rectangles.
5. Prepare a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
6. Place the filo pastry on top and bake it for about 12 minutes, until it starts to brown. Remove from the oven and let it cool.
7. Cut the fresh cheese into small cubes of about 2 cm.
8. Peel the kiwis and cut them into slices about half a centimeter thick.
9. Assemble the millefeuille. Start by filling the layer of the filo pastry base with the fresh cheese and the kiwi. Then drizzle the mixture with a pinch of agave syrup. If you can’t find it, you can also use good quality honey or rice molasses or any other whole grain without added sugar.
10. Repeat for each layer of filo pastry.
11. To serve the millefeuille, present it on a flat plate, decorate with a few threads of agave on top and serve immediately.
recipes-improve-health-strudel-fruit 00383986
16.FRUIT STRUDELA healthy and attractive way to drink juice, which contributes so much to health. You will have fun preparing the millefeuille and everyone at home will have fruit during confinement. Take advantage of the fruits you have. There will always be a colorful plate with many vitamins. INGREDIENTS: 4 PEOPLE / 15 MINUTES
8 yellow plums
3 skimmed yogurts
4 tablespoons of honey
40 g of peeled walnuts
A sprig of rosemary
200 g of watermelon
200 g of melon
2 red plums
2 kiwis
4 gelatin leaves
50 g of sugar
2 sprigs of mint PREPARATION:
1. Soak the gelatin in cold water, 10 min. Bring 300 ml of water with the sugar to a boil. Remove, add 1 sprig of washed mint, cover and let infuse 5 min.
2. Filter, add the drained gelatin and stir until dissolved. Leave in the fridge for 2 hours, until set; stir it a bit.
3. Cut the fruit. Make 4 large slices of watermelon with a pasta cutter and 4 smaller slices of cantaloupe. Wash the plums and remove the pit. Peel the kiwi. Cut both into thin slices.
4. Assemble the dessert alternating the fruit with the mint jelly and serve it decorated with some washed mint leaves.
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