How to start a fitness lifestyle and maintain it over time


There are many of us who, after the holidays, consider starting a healthy lifestyle or, as they say lately, a fitness lifestyle. It is not easy to maintain it over time, we know it, but you have to know that it is possible!

To succeed in the fitness lifestyle and not fade , focus on this thought: it is a process , a step by step and there is no «perfect» way to do it. No one leads a healthy lifestyle all the time, not even those who have been taking care of themselves for years. There are stages in which you will have a lot of energy and you will do better and others in which you will be looser and you will put it aside a bit. Nothing happens! The important thing is that, whatever happens, you continue on the path to this lifestyle. Of course you are going to make mistakes (and a lot), but you are also going to evolve and learn, so every day it will be easier for you.

In short, and as Bruce Wayne’s father said to his son (future Batman) …

10 Tips to start a healthy lifestyle and maintain it over time:

1. Start small . You have just read a book or watched a video and you are full of motivation . You want to do it all and you want to do it now. You throw food out of the fridge, you start training for several hours in a row, you buy small clothes … Wrong. Making a lot of changes all of a sudden is unrealistic and can lead you to give up.

The solution: Make small changes throughout the first few weeks. If you had a beer (or more) almost every day, it is best to reduce that consumption and drink one every 2-3 days, then change it for one without alcohol, until there comes a time when you decide to do without it because already don’t need it. If you’ve never exercised, start by walking, don’t beat yourself up on the first day. Once you have some shape, hit the gym and start getting familiar with the machines. Once you have them pull-ups, continue with free weight. When you master one change, move on to the next. It may take longer, but your change will be more permanent.

2. Change your shopping list. 80% of your food should be real food. Make your shopping list according to that percentage and reserve that other 20% to indulge yourself. «Avoid ultra-processed foods and increase the amount of vegetables, protein and good fats,» says Violeta Costas , fitness coach.

3. Make a list of the things you think you are doing wrong . What are your kryptonites? See where you are failing and write it down on paper. Writing by hand helps a lot to fix and integrate concepts. When you see what faults you can know how to fix it.

4. Don’t just focus on weight. Focus on how you are feeling, how are your emotions, your security, how are your thoughts (positive or negative). Weight is not always going to reflect your progress objectively. You can look at your measurements, how your clothes fit, your overall fat percentage … But above all, how you feel. And do not look at yourself all the time in the mirror: you do not notice the small advances yourself. Sometimes the body is slow to react and that can get you discouraged. Every body and every metabolism is different, so you have to learn what works best for you. But, without a doubt, you have to give yourself time. Eat and train smart.

5. Share your goals with people who support you. «There are always people who try to sabotage you, either because they do not understand what you are doing, or because they are not capable of doing it and then they try to discourage you so that they feel better for not making that effort,» explains nutritionist and influencer Sascha Barboza . “Share it with people who support and help you, who remind you of your goal when you are about to fail. And if you can do it with someone, all the better, because that way you can talk about it ”.

6. Stiffness gets you nowhere. You already know that 80-85% of what you eat should be natural. Have fun with the remaining 15%. Being obsessive will get you nowhere. It is also very important to adapt the calories to your body composition. It is not the same if you are ectomorphic (you tend to accumulate little fat and it is difficult for you to gain weight and gain muscle) than endomorph (it is difficult for you to gain muscle and you gain fat easily).

7. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Get inspired, but don’t compare yourself. The life of social networks is not an exact reflection of the lives of those people who are apparently so great. Everyone has their struggles and their problems. Don’t get carried away by that. Also, you are just starting out, you cannot compare yourself to someone who has been in this lifestyle for years.

8. Set medium-term goals. And write them down on paper to see how you improve. Every day that you continue in this fitness lifestyle is a triumph.

9. Enjoy what you are doing. It is clear that in order to lose fat you have to have a calorie deficit. But that doesn’t mean you don’t like what you’re eating. Choose food that motivates you and varies so as not to tire you.

10. Rest. Exercise is essential for a fitness life, but so is rest . Muscle needs rest to recover from training and grow. Growth hormone is increased when you are sleeping, which helps your body burn fat more efficiently. In addition, rest is vital to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, which when high prevents you from losing fat.

Remember that the path to a fitness lifestyle is not a straight line, it is a line with many curves. We are not the same every day, and willpower is depleted. Therefore, taking care of your environment, warding off temptations and adapting to a diet and exercise routine that are easy for you to follow is essential.

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