20 tips to always lead a healthy lifestyle


Health is a very broad concept that goes beyond the absence of disease. The same WHO (World Health Organization) defines it as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. There are many factors that influence  healthy lifestyles .

The importance of personal well-being in our society has led more and more people to wonder how to lead a healthy life.

Eating is key to being healthy, but it is not the only thing to consider to achieve the best possible health. Physical exercise, rest, emotional well-being and habits also matter for a  healthy and healthy life .

If you want to lead a  healthy life, these 20 tips  will help you:


Food has a fundamental weight in our advice for a healthy life.

1. Base your diet on plant-based foods

Fruits and vegetables, cereals, tubers, legumes, mushrooms and other vegetables are part of the Mediterranean diet and, therefore, must be part of a balanced diet.

There is a huge variety of fruits and vegetables

2. Sign up for the motto «5 a day»

Consume 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily, preferably 3 of fruit and 2 of vegetables. A serving of fruit or vegetables is equivalent to about 140-150 grams.

This figure is not a maximum, it is a minimum. The more fruit and vegetables, the better for your health.

3. One of the servings of fruit and vegetables, which is raw

Consuming raw, whenever possible, is the best way to ensure the use of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

4. Add legumes to your diet

Legumes are a good source of protein, and therefore an alternative to foods of animal origin. Legumes should appear in your diet at least 3 times a week

Legumes provide plant proteins

5. Reduce meat consumption

Do not exceed 3 or 4 servings of meat a week and consume, whenever possible, white and lean meats such as chicken, rabbit or turkey. 

6. Cook more

Start cooking with fresh and healthy food

Olive oil has antioxidant properties

7. Cook with little fat, and make it olive oil

That is, use the pot, the iron, the steamer, the steamer case, or the oven to cook. Leave the fried ones for special occasions and bet on the other cooking techniques, much lighter. In all cases, use extra virgin olive oil both for seasoning and cooking.

8. Buy seasonal product

Find out in your store or regular market about what foods are in season: they taste better and are cheaper.

Choose seasonal and local product

9. Look for proximity products

Probably the foods that have traveled less kilometers to get from their place of origin to the supermarket are tastier and better preserve their properties.

In addition, we help promote varieties of traditional and local foods. 

10. Hydrate

Drinking enough water to stay hydrated is essential for  leading a healthy life.  Drink water at all meals and between meals, when you feel thirsty. A healthy adult with light physical activity does not need to drink water without being thirsty. But in the case of children and the elderly, special attention must be paid at this point.

11. Look for the «energy balance»

Find the balance between the energy you take in and the energy you use. Food is very directly related to other aspects of your  lifestyle, for example , physical exercise.


12. Practice between 30 and 60 minutes a day of moderate physical exercise

Physical exercise is never lacking in general advice on  how to lead a healthy life . It is as fundamental as food. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of chronic diseases and is associated with greater general well-being.

Walking, doing housework, climbing stairs are also forms of exercise that complement more intense physical activities such as running, swimming or cycling.

13. Do not spend more than 2 hours on the sofa in front of the television

This advice can be extrapolated to any sedentary activity. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the great enemies of a  healthy lifestyle.

14. Practice meditation, relaxation and stretching exercises

This type of low intensity physical activity, combined with moderate exercise, also contributes to emotional balance, adequate rest and, ultimately, to  leading a healthy life .


15. Take a positive attitude and enjoy the things you like

The attitude is basic to improve your quality of life and your health. Learn to develop your strengths and increase positive affect. This will control stress and improve your well-being.

16. Take care of social relationships

They are a fundamental aspect for health and for healthy aging.

What is healthy life? Broadly speaking, it is the sum of a healthy diet, the practice of physical exercise and a correct rest.


17. Sleep 8 hours a day

Adequate rest is essential for health. Poor or poor sleep affects the immune and cognitive systems. To enjoy a good rest, always try to go to bed at the same time and in a quiet and undisturbed environment.


18. Avoid tobacco and alcohol

The toxins present in tobacco, alcohol and in the atmosphere of some cities are one of the enemies of public health.

19. Maintain proper hygiene

Although we take it for granted in our society, good hygiene is the basis for avoiding health problems. The concept of hygiene not only refers to the grooming and cleaning of the body, but also affects the home and kitchen.

Sunbathing in a moderate way and with protection is beneficial for your health

20. Sunbathe in moderation

You can find more information and keep up to date  with the health promotion activities  carried out in Spain, on this specific website of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare on  healthy lifestyles .

It is not necessary to take a swimsuit or bikini, just opening the window and exposing a part of the body to radiation, such as the face or neckline, is enough. Sunbathing helps to synthesize vitamin D, improves sleep quality and mood.

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