14 tips to lead a fitness life


Tired of trying your best and not getting the results you want?

You are not the only one, many women work with determination and perseverance but do not achieve their goals, they generally use an experienced coach; But if you are not ready for that step or want to do it alone, we give you 14 tips that will help you gain mass, lose fat, improve your health and maintain healthy habits.

1. Eat healthily.

If you ask, almost any nutritionist will tell you that, for better progress, a good diet is essential. Without a balanced diet and with quality products, it is very likely that you will end up stagnant; Forget about supplements and shakes if you do not have a good eating plan, a good diet should be based on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats (in addition to olive oil, you find fats in avocados, nuts, etc.).

2. Schedule your meals.

Don’t let me buy you time, prepare your meals in advance, tomorrow’s meal prepare today. This way you will always be sure of what you eat and that you do not skip meals.

3. Eat more.

Oddly enough, eating less can hurt your progress, your performance in the gym, and lower your metabolism. It is not clear if it is better to eat three or six times a day, here it will depend on how often you feel more comfortable, do not forget to consume foods of high nutritional quality.

4. Eat mindfully.

Forget eating in front of the television or sending whatsapps. If you eat in a quiet environment and talk, you will enjoy the food much more. Take time to enjoy your food and disconnect from the frenzy of daily life!

5. Fundamentals in building muscles.

Any personal trainer will tell you that there are certain basic elements in muscle building; First, you may need to increase your intake of complete proteins. In the gym, train with weights two to four times a week, this will depend on your previous preparation and your available time. And don’t forget to rest, remember that muscle tissue grows outside of the gym, when you give your body time to relax and recover.

6. No cheating.

There are no shortcuts to immediate results. In each training session, push yourself to go beyond where you usually go. And forget about the «magic» products that they offer you inside the gym.

7. Up and down.

How to get the most out of weight lifting? Start with a standard weight in your first session, between the second and third series increase the weight by 30 or 40% more. Take into account that if after 20 seconds you can no longer continue, you have put too much weight on it.

8. Cardio.

Do you like to do cardio? If so, you should know that when you are building muscle, you do not have to do large amounts of cardiovascular exercises. Just jog a few days a week for 20 minutes.

9. Supplements.

Some people believe that supplements play a key role in muscle gain, some products have proven efficacy such as creatine or caffeine, but before starting to consume them it is better to focus on your daily diet.

10. Resistance training.

When it comes to gaining endurance, you will need to be well hydrated and be sure that you are eating properly, as this form of training is very demanding on the body. To increase aerobic capacity there is nothing better than working intensely in intervals. You will see that you will end up sweating profusely and you will burn a lot of calories.

11. Little by little.

We all want to get super fit in 2 months. But this does not work like that; your body needs time for adaptations of all kinds to take place (muscular, circulatory, etc.). If you start too hard rather than speed things up, you risk injuring yourself before you start to see results. Enjoy the race-free process, it’s about making a change in your lifestyle.

12. Create resistance.

To advance in your resistance training, it is necessary to reach muscle exhaustion, putting in your best effort. Push-ups, chin-ups, squat exercises, etc. Mastering all of these high intensity, repetitive movements will condition the muscles and endurance will be greatly increased.

13. Fight against fatigue.

To reduce fatigue it is important that after training you eat something to recover quickly and to promote muscle synthesis. Technically you will have to eat a meal with a 3: 1 or 4: 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. But a ham sandwich and juice or rice pudding and fruit can be good options, they are practical, easy to carry and eat anywhere.

14. Strength training.

According to personal trainers, if you want to build strength, you have to set your goals, work hard, and be patient. It is important that you are aware of this and follow the established plan. When you are in the gym focus on training, when leaving the gym make sure you get adequate rest and keep track of your progress.

As complicated as all this may seem; once you start, little by little you will start to feel better and notice the first changes.
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