The benefits of exercising with a dog

benefits of training with a dog

The benefits of exercising with your pet are many both for our physical and mental health and for yours. Discover them!

The optimal level of demand for exercising with your dog will depend on the discipline you choose and, of course, on what you can demand of your pet. Among the best known sports disciplines that are performed with dogs are swimming , running or jogging and even yoga . There are also other disciplines such as canicross and mushing that are more professional disciplines, with greater demands and that can be carried out on snow, in extremely low temperatures.

If you are determined to play sports with your dog, you should choose the discipline that best suits your pet ; a small dog, for example, will not be able to exert the same physical effort as a large dog, such as a German shepherd or a Dalmatian. If you prefer, before starting, take your dog to the vet and tell him that you will start an exercise routine with him to guide you and help you decide what type of sport is best for his well-being.

Our dog will be our best motivation every day

Because exercising will be fun for our dog, he will ask us to go out every day and help us maintain the routine. Maribel Vila, technician in assisted therapies with companion animals from the Affinity Foundation, explains that: “Animals can be great motivators when it comes to making us leave the house, since their animal welfare depends on us and that they have a good quality of lifetime. They may be responsible for us considering practicing a sport or starting to walk on a regular basis. «

If you exercise with your dog, both of you will notice it in your health

If the dog accompanies you to play sports, it will also benefit, since it will have fewer chances of suffering from obesity, cardiovascular problems and other visible physical signs of sedentary lifestyle. After a few days of exercise you will begin to get in shape and your dog will too, which will translate into a healthy, resistant heart with strong bones and muscles.

Sport is the best ally if you have a hyperactive dog

Dogs also need physical activity, especially if they stay at home for a long time waiting for our normal workday to end. Some breeds of dogs, for example, Beagles, Boxers or Dalmatians need it much more, since they are considered animals with a lot of energy.

If your dog is hyperactive, you have a great opportunity to help him release energy by playing sports. Take him for a run with you, train him for sports competitions where he has to jump, run or climb … Sport will help him relax!

What to keep in mind if you do sports with your dog

  • Each dog is different, it varies according to its character, breed and age mainly. This is why depending on what type of dog you have, the type of exercise that you will have to do will be one or the other. Choose correctly the sport that you will practice with your dog!
  • Very important: Don’t force him to exercise! Remember that each dog is different, so the routine cannot be the same demanding for everyone. Always think about their well-being!
  • Train with your dog during the hours of less sun: if you prefer running, think that the pavement can be very hot and its legs can suffer burns on the pads or suffer a heat stroke .
  • Choose suitable places to train, avoid busy areas of the city.
  • Motivate your dog with positive reinforcement . Give him prizes such as food or caresses every time you achieve a goal together, as long as he performs a maneuver correctly or simply give him a reward for accompanying you.

Remember that each dog is different, so the routine cannot be the same demanding for everyone. Take care of your health and that of your pet by playing sports frequently. Go ahead and start exercising with your dog!

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