Physical exercise as a family and with children to do at home


Not only adults have to be in shape, for children it is also essential to do physical activity with some regularity. For this reason, we wanted to review in this week’s article some ideas to practice physical exercise as a family and with children to do at home.

Although we have advanced in the de-escalation phases, there are provinces in Spain that are going back due to regrowth and we believe that there is still a way to go and therefore being able to train crossfit at home is a good idea.

Returning to normality as we understood it before the coronavirus pandemic remains in the collective imagination to give way to the so-called “new normal”.

Sport for kids

For this reason, while restrictions are being lifted between phase and phase and stores, restaurants or gyms are being opened, at SBEMW we want to continue helping you so that you can train at home, this time, as a family.

1. Use physical activity as anti-stress therapy

So many days of «confinement» take their toll on anyone and although now walks and outdoor activity are allowed during certain time slots according to age, the reality is that the day has many hours.

No school, no park … it is important to fill the days with activities and games. And what better way to do it than with physical exercises as a family and with children to do at home.

Sport is a perfect therapy to release the tension of boys and girls who cannot go to school or go out on the street normally . Exercising will not only keep you in shape, it will also make you happier by channeling all your energy. Let’s not forget that the practice of sports has great benefits in the mind due to the generation of endorphins, the so-called «happiness hormones».

2. Physical exercises to do as a family and with children

The important thing is that both parents and children stay active and fit . For this reason, we have thought of some of the funniest physical exercises to do physical activity without leaving home and without being bored.


Yes, dancing is also considered physical activity and we are sure that for the little ones it will be a lot of fun . Put on your favorite music and dance inventing choreographies and new steps.

You can watch videos on YouTube with dances to follow them or directly play games like “Just Dance” to move and have fun as a family.

Jump rope

It is one of the best cardio exercises out there and, without a doubt, one of the ones that children will like the most .

Not only will they have fun, they will also strengthen arms and legs, help burn energy, and improve coordination and stability . They will only need a rope or a rope to begin to move to the maximum with this exercise.

Obstacle races or circuits

To do this race you will only have to put some imagination into it. You can use elements or products that you have around the house (such as chairs, tables, jugs of water or detergent …) to create the obstacles.

You can take a tour of the entire house or a spacious hall or room and have them repeat it several times. If you have two or more children they can participate in a competition by timing the time it takes to complete it. If you have only one child… you have to participate!


Do you remember that game you loved to play so much in the schoolyard? Well now you can go back to playing with your children. You will only need adhesive tape or rope to mark the lines of the game on the ground.

By participating, they will work especially on balance and coordination while having a great time.

Games circuit

Another idea that you can carry out is to combine some of the exercises and games that we have mentioned above to create a very complete circuit of physical activity.

You can use a stopwatch to know the time it takes for the little ones to pass all the tests you give them.

3. Move as a family while having fun using apps

Playing sports doesn’t have to be boring, make it a game! To do this, you have at your disposal a wide variety of apps.

Below we will analyze some of the most successful ones during these days so that you can choose your favorite and, above all, that of your children.

They all have fun workouts to promote physical activity.

Velites Timer Pro, the App for Crossfit

We already discussed it in depth in this article but it is very useful and has more than 100,000 active users.

The  Velites Timer Pro app  is one of the most popular apps among CrossFit lovers. With an easy, intuitive and functional design, it offers an important variety of functionalities and for us it is  the reference App for training.

Thanks to this app you can feel like in the box since it has a timer for CrossFit, running, fitness and weightlifting.

Interval training, Tabata, AMRAP, Stopwatch, countdown… Everything you need!

One of its most marked characteristics is that it incorporates the CrossFit box timer, visible from a long distance thanks to its large numbers and classic aesthetics.

You can download it here.

Yoga for kids and family fitness

If you like yoga, it is a good opportunity for your children to join you in their practice. This free app is in English but the pictures show exactly how to do each exercise

In addition, you can choose the training plan and the level (easy, medium, difficult …) to perform the appropriate exercises while very relaxing music plays.

Morning exercises for children

This app proposes a series of exercises so that the little ones in the house start the day in the best possible way.

You can do the exercises as a family and select the exercises based on the parts of the body that you want to exercise that day.

Exercise for Kids

This free app proposes a training plan that has 15 different exercises. To make the activity even more enjoyable and fun, go ahead and do the exercises with him.

It has three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult, which must be selected before starting to train. It has animated demonstrations and a stopwatch to keep track of times.

Of course, in addition to doing some of these exercises at home, you can also combine it with the sport that they can do outside the home. Instead of just going out for a walk, encourage them to get on their bikes or put on their skates to make the most of that time away from home.

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