One dumbbell and six compound exercises to burn fat and gain muscle


It is becoming more and more common for kettlebells , which are nothing more than a cast iron ball similar to a cannonball, with a handle, to be introduced into strength training routines because they constitute a type of dynamic physical work , accessible, practical and suitable for everyone , which is not without benefits.

And if, in addition to adding this element to the equation, we use it in compound exercises , which include several movements and simultaneously activate different muscle groups, the success of our routine is assured and we will be able to develop muscle mass and burn fat more efficiently. .

Benefits of training with kettlebells

  • It is an inexpensive accessory suitable for everyone with which you can work from home.
  • It is a very easy and fun method of training.
  • Kettlebells help improve mobility and coordination.
  • They are also great for strength and flexibility exercises.
  • They help you lose weight while building muscle mass.
  • There are a lot of exercises that avoid a monotonous routine.
  • Possibility of increasing the difficulty and intensity of the exercises gradually.

With this outlook, it is therefore not surprising that fitness experts and exercise enthusiasts have decided to incorporate kettlebells into their work routines. An example is Rubén García , who shares an intense training session designed to train the upper body, core and lower body, and burn a lot of calories on the way. You dare?

6 compound kettlebell exercises

  • Squat + Kick Back
  • Deadlift + Unipodal Press
  • Swing To Lunge
  • Arm Complex
  • Rowing + Deadlift
  • Torsiones

How to do the routine

  • Warm up before starting training
  • 12 to 15 repetitions per exercise
  • 15-30 seconds of rest between exercises
  • 3-4 series
  • 1 or 2 minute rest between sets

Despite incorporating important benefits, it should also be borne in mind that it is necessary to perform the exercises knowing the technique well, both at the grip and movement level , in order to train correctly and prevent injuries . In the same way, it is extremely important to incorporate those exercises that best suit our circumstances and tastes as it is about creating adherence so that physical work becomes the norm and not the exception.

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