Ideas for playing sports with children


On the world day of physical activity, what better way than to teach you how to play sports with children . It is very easy to know how to say that we should play sports with our children, but the difficult thing comes when we have to choose an activity for them to exercise and have fun.

After going around a lot, we have managed to collect 23 ideas for playing sports with children , both in the city and in the countryside, and above all, simple but fun activities.

But you may wonder, what real advantages does sport have for children ? We confirm that many, both physical and emotional.

We are not only talking about competitive sports or extracurricular activities, but about what you can do yourself with them, be it going for a walk or playing with them in the park.

Sport helps our body

+ Self-esteem

Better mood and ability to meet the goals of each day.


Promotes the ability to concentrate and participatory attitude.

Improved health

Prevents injuries, damage from poor posture and better heart health. Reduced chances of being overweight. Lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Better rest

Playing sports helps us get to sleep better and have a better rest.

Now it is up to you that your little ones play sports and become fond of exercising, which is influenced by several determining factors. The main one is the social and family environment in which the children move, as expected.

If your child has grown up surrounded by bad consumption habits , with parents who do not encourage sports and who prefer a more sedentary life, or see that in their family circle they reject sports, the normal thing is that the child does not see interest in exercise and put aside everything related to a healthier life.

With the distractions that exist today, such as television or game consoles, do not expect your children to decide on their own to play sports.


You must be the physical education teacher at home and you must promote sports plans so as not to leave your children sitting on the sofa.

Of course, we must save time for homework , we are not going to let them suspend, everything can be arranged.

But how do we get the kids to be attracted to sports? We leave you some tips to promote sport in your family environment:

  • Contribute so that the practice of exercise is part of your interest.
  • Help your children find a sport that they enjoy.
  • Show interest in what they do (attend games, encourage them, etc).
  • Reduce the time of sedentary activities.
  • Have an active lifestyle and good nutrition.

And now, what can I do with my children to practice sports regularly during the week?

Ideas to practice sports without leaving home

Many times we are at home without being able to go out and the children get bored or do nothing other than look at the pictures or be glued to the screens. At the end of the day the children are still energetic and the parents can’t take it anymore. You need to include sport in your daily routine with children!

Even if you have to be at home, there is no excuse not to exercise with the whole family, so we want to give you easy and fun ideas for your children to enjoy doing sports at home . It is the best way to entertain children, spend energy and become fond of an active life. Come on, get off the couch and get to work!

You have many options to choose from. Here are 23 ideas for playing sports with children at home.

1. Dance to brighten the body

The music is one of the best things that exist in life, and why not use it to stay fit?

Thanks to the Internet today we can access all kinds of music at home, so don’t think about it, look for your children’s favorite songs and start dancing with them demonstrating your best steps.

You can also find choreographed music videos, they are hilarious and a great way to move your skeleton as a family and burn energy.

Two hours of dancing with the kids can be more intense than pounding in the gym all afternoon!

2. Home exercise routine

You do not need a gym to exercise our body, with desire and a little space we can do a small exercise routine with our children several times a week.

In addition to getting the little ones to do sports, it will also be good for us to perform this series of exercises for our body.

Remove the furniture from the living room, place some mats on the floor and go to work! Your children will love spending time with you and nothing better than doing it in this healthy way.

If you are inexperienced or do not know where to start to create your own routine, here is an example of an easy routine to do at home with the children:

3. Active games to do at home

Any game you play at home can be good exercise for your children. You just have to give it a little imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Here are some ideas to play sports through very easy games with which children can stay active and have a great time without having to leave the house.

Active Game 1 – Hopscotch

Do you remember the hours we spent as children playing hopscotch? Well, you only need a bit of adhesive tape, a bit of rope or chalk to assemble it at home.

With this game your children will work on balance, coordination and aim.

Draw the hopscotch on the ground and get a stone or a piece of wood.

How the game works: the game consists of throwing the stone inside each square (Starting with square 1) and jumping through the squares until you reach the end, then you turn around and go back to the beginning, collecting the stone around the corner.

It is only worth stepping on each square with one foot, so the individual squares will be skipped with only one foot (with one foot) and the double ones with both.

If you step on the line or step out of the box during the tour, you pass your turn. You also pass your turn if when you throw the stone it does not land on the square you are playing through or if the stone is stepping on the line. Be careful, you cannot step on the square that contains the stone, you will have to jump or go to the lame if it is a double square.

The winner is the one who reaches the sky before (the final semicircular square that is painted at the end) by correctly completing the course.

Active Game 2 – Balloon Sport

You cannot imagine the amount of sports you can practice at home with a simple balloon. You can play tennis, hockey, volleyball, basketball and just about anything you want. Choose your favorite sport and adapt it to spend an afternoon enjoying with your children, you’ll see how you sweat your shirt!

Active game 3: sticky tape races or obstacle courses

Here you have a thousand different options, you can create a route of different difficulty according to the age and ability of your children.

You can use anything you have around the house: chairs, bottles, toilet paper rolls, duct tape, etc.

You can take a long course that goes through the whole house or a short one that has to be overcome several times to win. You can also have the children play against themselves, timing the course so that they try to do it each time in less time.

Active Play 4 – Play classic games that never fail

Remember the toys you used when you were little, most of them were used for sports and it is a shame that they are falling into oblivion. These are only some of them:

Active game 5 – The elastic game

It can be played alone, using a chair or other object to hold the ends or play in a group, two hold the elastic while the others play and when each participant fails, they go on to hold the elastic.

Active game 6 – The hoop or hula hoop

It is a very simple game and has infinite variations to practice, improve your technique and increase the difficulty of the exercises. On youTube you have a thousand videos to inspire you.

Active Play 7 – Pull the Rope

If you have several children at home, this is a perfect and simple game. All you need is a string, a handkerchief to tie in the center of the room, and some tape to make a mark on the floor in the center of the room.

Active Game 8 – The Handkerchief Game

If you have a long and spacious room or a wide corridor, you can play the game of the handkerchief,

Someone must act as a referee. It will be the one who holds the handkerchief and who stands in the center. You must put a number on each participant of the teams that are located at the two ends of the room. The referee calls out a number and the two opposing participants who have that number must run towards the handkerchief. The race is won by the one who takes the handkerchief and reaches his field without being caught by the opponent.

It can be played by elimination of the player from the losing team or by points. For example, each race won is one point and the team that reaches 5 points first wins.

Active Game 9 – Sack Race

Is there something simpler and more fun to do sports at home with children?

You can easily mount sack races at home, if you don’t have a sack, you can even use plastic or garbage bags.

You can race together, or make a circuit and time to see who finishes it in less time.

Active Game 10 – Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises out there, for both adults and children. It is an aerobic exercise with a low risk of injury that has multiple benefits:

  • It is very effective for losing weight as it burns a lot of calories
  • Helps strengthen legs, arms and shoulders
  • Improves coordination and stability
  • Strengthens bones thanks to the micro-impacts of each jump
  • It is very versatile, you can combine many exercises and decrease or increase the intensity according to your ability

And best of all, you only need one rope to have fun exercising as a family!

As you can see, with a little ingenuity you can take a multitude of active games to do exercises with children at home, but that’s not all, we have a final idea that you are going to love!

The Olympics at home

Create your own Olympic games at home by joining together various active game disciplines that we just explained.

Every day of the week you can motivate your children to train an activity and on the weekend you organize the Olympics at home to put everything you have learned into practice!

You can join several individual games in different tests or make complete circuits. And best of all, you can reward them at the end for all the weekly effort they have made. Isn’t that a great plan to spend the weekend at home with the family?

4 Yoga for children

Yoga is a great exercise for the whole family. It can be practiced from children to parents or grandparents and in addition to being very healthy, it helps us relax and eliminate the stress of the day.

It is perfect to do at home since no material is needed. Just a towel or a mat to put on the floor.

On YouTube there are countless videos to get started in yoga, including Yoga sessions to do with children.

Do you dare to try it? It is sure to be a very positive experience and a good example of exercise for your children to learn healthy lifestyle habits.

5. Help with household chores

Those who are used to doing housework, know that it can be one more exercise, so why not take advantage of it?

If, in addition to getting the children to move, we teach them to do housework, it will be a double victory!

How can you get this?

Teaching the little ones that housework belongs to the whole family is one of the best things we can do.

Vacuuming, cleaning the furniture or making the bed are daily actions that can help our children to move around a bit and help parents to have a more orderly house.

Ideas for outdoor sports

1. Bicycle route

Surely you will have a couple of bicycles in your storage room , so take them out, clean the dust on them a bit and go out with your children for a ride and get some fresh air.

If you dare and have a space on the weekends, we also advise you to organize a route through a slightly more rural place, since nature is a place to spend a good day and for the little ones to enjoy with their friends from school or in family.

In this link you can find the types of routes that you can do with your children, to which even your little one with a wheel bike will want to go.

2. Hiking in the middle of nature

Before we told you that if you found some time during the weekend it would be a great opportunity to go on a bicycle route to the countryside, but if you are more of a walker you can also take your children to a more natural area and away from the city .

Children love investigating new things and enjoying a space where they can move more freely .

In the field they will be able to run without having to always be attentive that they do not get on the road in a moment of carelessness, in addition to being in contact with nature and breathing fresh air, something that never hurts.

You may wonder …

What do I need to go hiking? Don’t worry, here we leave you the most important things to go on a hike in the countryside.

Sneakers 598x360 150x150 - Don't you know how to encourage your children to practice some physical activity?  Here are 23 ideas for playing sports with children

Comfortable shoes that do not hurt you

Clothes Pile 150x150 - Don't you know how to encourage your children to practice some physical activity?  Here are 23 ideas for playing sports with children

Appropriate clothing for the time of year.

Different types of backpacks 300x199 150x150 - Don't you know how to encourage your children to practice some physical activity?  Here are 23 ideas for playing sports with children

Backpack that does not have an excessive weight and is comfortable.

water slims 150x150 - Don't you know how to encourage your children to practice some physical activity?  Here are 23 ideas for playing sports with children

Bring water, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

3. In summer, to the beach or pool

What better to do in summer than take a dip to cool off?

We can take advantage of those excursions to the beach or the pool to swim with our children and do a little sport.

This activity can also reinforce swimming learning , which perhaps some will be starting to swim during those months.

During the holidays, children have many free hours, so we must look for games with which to entertain them, be it on the beach, the pool or at home. In addition to the sport that we always recommend, in another of our articles you can see more than 60 summer activities for children with which to avoid boredom during the holidays.

children swimming - Don't you know how to encourage your children to practice some physical activity?  Here are 23 ideas for playing sports with children


4. Sign them up for a sport after school

Afternoons can be very long on certain days, so it is not a bad idea to enroll our children in some sporting activity during the hours after school .

Team sports are good options, since in addition to exercise, the little ones meet new friends and can become more passionate about sports.

You can try several disciplines until you find the one that the boy or girl likes the most, you should not leave him in an activity that does not attract him because he will not enjoy it and may create a negative vision of the sport.

5. The skates, another fun alternative

We have talked about the bike before, but we know that many of you are not very familiar with them and prefer to leave them parked in the store.

For those of you who are looking for something similar to cycling, you can choose skates , inline skates or the classic four-wheelers from the 80s movies.

With the skates you can go for a little walk near home or go down to the park with other friends who use bicycles. On the other hand, skates allow us to exercise our legs a lot and perfect our sense of balance .

6. Play in the yard with friends

If your children have not found any after-school activity entertaining, they just need to go down to the patio for a while in the afternoons and play with friends, be it with a ball, scooters, skates or with traditional games (hide and seek, hopscotch, etc.).

TV and video games out for a few hours!

As you can see doing a little sport is not that difficult, we don’t need a lot of effort to go out for a few hours and have your children enjoy the afternoons. You can also organize some games, which you can also use later at home.

7. And the last one is the simplest and easiest, walking

A simple walk around the city, you don’t need anything else. One or several hours of walking near home is also doing sports, going shopping is also doing sports or walking to visit grandparents is also exercising.

You see that with very little we can be in shape and encourage exercise among our children to lead a healthy life.

If we combine it with a good diet, we will appreciate it in the future, so do not forget to go through our previous post in which we spoke with several nutritionists who advised us on how the daily meals of the little ones should be.

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