Benefits of physical exercise in children


Inculcating children the regular practice of physical exercise from a very young age, not only favors their physical and cognitive development, but also provides them with other important benefits in the short, medium and long term. There is no doubt that children who practice some type of sport are generally healthier, happier and have better academic performance.

physical exercise

  • If they play sports, they learn to follow rules and create habits.
  • They socialize and improve their relationship skills. 
  • They increase their motor skills.
  • It favors their physical development, with the growth of their bones and muscles.
  • Some physical defects can be corrected.
  • They sleep better.
  • It keeps them away from a sedentary lifestyle, reducing the time they spend on television and video games.
  • They are healthier, because regular physical exercise brings them the same benefits for the body as adults.
benefits physical exercise children

The responsibility of parents is to motivate them from a very young age, even from two years old, playing with them, teaching them to know some sports practicing them together. Later, they will be the ones to choose which one they like the most. The important thing is that they grow up with the concern to develop some physical activity and, if it is with other children, the better.

There is no better sport than another. The important thing is that the child feels comfortable and has fun with the one they have chosen, although for the parents it involves the effort of taking them and accompanying them to the place where they practice it. In this sense, it is important that the practice of a sport is supervised by a specialist (coach or teacher) in order to mark its limits and avoid excesses that may be harmful.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends one hour of moderate physical exercise a day for children between 5 and 17 years old, but also points out that increasing the time dedicated to its practice only provides benefits for their health. In the youngest, aerobic sports are the most suitable, as it helps them develop their coordination, elasticity, balance and sense of rhythm (martial arts, bike rides, games in the park, excursions, etc.).

From 7-10 years old, team sports and competition can be a very appropriate stimulus, promoting effort, discipline and competitiveness, while allowing them to establish the habit of physical exercise and maintain it when they are older.


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