6 benefits of exercising with your pet

6 benefits of exercising with your pet 1

If you were thinking of a perfect sports partner who never makes excuses or tells you that you look thinner or with extra kilos, we present it to you. Do not miss the 6 benefits of exercising with your pet . Sure, it will be the ideal companion.

6 benefits of exercising with your pet 2

1. Always at your service

In general, a dog is chosen to do it, the good thing is that it will always be ready to go where you want.

6 benefits of exercising with your pet 3

2. Exercise twice

The advantage is worth two, since no matter what breed your dog is, he also needs to exercise daily to be healthy. According to Grisha Stewart, a dog trainer, they should get at least 45 minutes of activity a day.

6 benefits of exercising with your pet 4

3. Less stress for animals and humans

Your pet, just like humans, will feel calmer and happier after exercising, which will significantly reduce the chances of both of them suffering from stress.

6 benefits of exercising with your pet 5

4. A perfect excuse for you to exercise

According to a study by the University of Missouri-Columbia, having a pet is a more than valid reason for their owners to at least go for a walk every day; if they do not have it, they will not be committed to leaving. So, thank your pet for the calories it helps you burn every day and give you better blood circulation, among other benefits.

6 benefits of exercising with your pet 6

5. A healthy dog, an owner with ideal weight

According to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wellness Institute, obese people who went out for a year to exercise with their dogs managed to lose about 8 kilos, while their canine companions reduced their weight by 16%. According to the study, the event had a positive influence since it provided motivation, companionship and social support.

6 benefits of exercising with your pet 7

6. A pet not only for walking

With a dog you can always go for a walk, but you can also try other exercises; And if you don’t have a dog, there will be someone who has it and will lend it to you, delighted with life.

6 benefits of exercising with your pet 8

Tips for going out to exercise with your pet

  • It is advisable to wear them with a harness.
  • If you take short walks it is better to have small dogs.
  • If you intend to run, skate or ride a bike, large dogs like the German Shepherd are ideal.
  • With dogs like a Newfoundland, Labrador retrievers or poodles you can go swimming, they generally like water, but make sure they do first. For your safety, put on a dog life jacket.
  • Dogs like the Beagle, Jack Russell terriers and bloodhounds are perfect for practicing yoga, there are already sports centers in countries like the United States where they teach yoga classes for dogs that they practice together with their owners.

Do you exercise with your pet ? Tell us what benefits you find by doing it!

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