Diet and weekend, you can!


The weekend is, for many, the end of the diet. However, this does not have to happen. Since there are ways of combining both and not throwing out everything that has been stoically done in the previous days.

There are times when willpower is conspicuous by its absence. And in the case of diet, it usually happens when the weekend arrives In fact, as the coach and nutrition specialist Carlos Carvajal explains. These can become quite a challenge: we do not have the exact formula to avoid these temptations.

«The most important factor is motivation» 

In this sense, he explains that, once you are motivated and wanting to achieve the results you expect, the key is to control, not just the quantities. But also the way in which they have been prepared: “1oo grams of cooked potato usually contributes about 45kcal. But if we fry it, those same 100g can contain more than 400kcal. Therefore, apart from controlling the amount we are going to consume, we must pay special attention to the way of preparation ”, says the expert.
In this sense, it will always be better to choose fresh foods, simple preparation, grilled, and avoid foods loaded with fats, preferring lean meats. On the other hand, alcohol also influences the result. Since, without having any nutritional value, it provides a large amount of calories. For example: 100ml of beer is about 45kcal, but 100ml of gin (without soda) usually has about 250kcal. In other words, avoiding this type of drink can save us a lot of effort when it comes to compensating for this intake.

How many whims can we indulge in a week?

There is no set amount. It always depends on the type of food we want to consume. It is true that many nutritionist dietitians tend to leave one «free» lunch or dinner a week. However, this may vary depending on the type of diet we follow. “Of course, the less we skip it, the sooner we will get results , but realistically, who doesn’t like a good treat every now and then? In this case, the best advice is to try to control them as much as possible and above all, the amount (the less, the better) ”, says Carvajal.

For this reason, weekends, which are usually those dedicated to rest and leisure, tend to become the most complicated days to follow a diet. But that depends on how you organize the routine: if you know that you are going to have a ‘complicated’ weekend, it is better to be strict the rest of the week to be able to have a little more margin.

Is all ‘junk food’ just as insane?

McDonald’s: 1,300kcal

Knee: 1,000kcal

KFC: 1.650kcal

Telepizza: 900kcal
All the chains share similar values ​​in terms of calories per menu. But in the case of McDonal’s, KFC and Telepizza, what predominates are fats, while in the knee are carbohydrates.
Although there is no reason to be obsessed with the numbers. Since for a day that you skip the diet, nothing has to happen. Now, the abuse of this type of food can not only throw away the results. If not, it can cause another series of pathologies, which must always be avoided. «If you are  losing weightTo obtain good results, it is best to avoid these whims as much as possible, since if a balanced diet is not followed, results will not be obtained and, therefore, the loss of motivation to continue. The best thing is to be honest with yourself ”, says the expert.

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