Diet and fitness: a complete routine to get in shape


The nutritionist Florencia Jenkins,  and the personal trainer  Rodolfo A. Guajardo , teach us how to lead a healthy lifestyle with good habits, paying attention to the two most important aspects for an effective set-up: diet and training.

Diet and exercise.

The time of year comes when the heat begins and we show our body more, either in our daily life or when we go to the beach or the pool and we must put on a bikini. As in every season, the trouble to see ourselves in shape begins, and the reality is that it is never too late to propose a change of habit that is beneficial for our health. Next, we give you the keys to the two main aspects that will allow you to see results: a proper eating plan and adding physical activity to our lives.

The nutritionist  Florence Jenkins  explains that it is important to start talking about «nutrition education» ,  «meal plans » or «healthy food changes»  that last over time, instead of the well-known «diet».

The nutritionist points out that the vast majority of people seek the fast, the magical, but the reality is that only gradual and sustainable changes in eating habits over time are what will allow us to get rid of those extra pounds and sustain that weight loss in the long run.

The nutritionist developed a healthy eating plan to begin to lose weight, detoxify the body and, fundamentally, begin to acquire positive changes in diet. 

The ideal is to increase the consumption of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables ; accompanying them with lean proteins: meat and chicken,  removing visible fat even before cooking, eg: chicken skin. It is important to  increase the consumption of fish and preparations with egg whites such as omelettes, eg: vegetable omelettes using only whites or 1 yolk and 2-3 whites, low-fat cheeses (remember that the harder the cheese, the more fat and sodium has) and puddings. 

Make a good selection of carbohydrates; choose whole grains, legumes, oats, fruits and avoid the consumption of refined or white flours and carbo-fats; cookies, cakes, croissants, pizza doughs and empanadas, cakes, stuffed pasta, battered (especially outside your home) and prefried. Also, we must reduce the consumption of alcohol, sugary drinks and bad fats such as butter, cream, achuras. Good quality fats such as nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.) are good to incorporate, taking into account not to exceed in quantity, due to their caloric value.

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In times of events and outings , which tend to increase at this time, it is important to try not to arrive hungry for these appointments. We can eat a fruit or have a soup before leaving our house.

A good idea is to incorporate detox smoothies into our breakfasts and snacks , preferably with green fruits and vegetables. Eg: pear and spinach or pineapple, cucumber, lemon and ginger. They could also be smoothies with beets, carrots and orange. In addition, we could try pancakes made with egg whites, mixed with a little instant oatmeal or wheat bran and pieces of strawberry.

At lunches and dinners , we must reduce or avoid white or refined flours; and increase the consumption of lean proteins and vegetables and fruits. May our plate always have color. If our dishes are generally without much color, eg: meat with potatoes or rice; empanadas, pizza, pasta, we are lost from a nutritional point of view.

Another fact to keep in mind is not to let more than 4 hours go by without eating, to avoid reaching the next meal starving and then our body will probably ask us for sweets and flours instead of healthy foods.

It is important to plan our eating day, to avoid falling into the dough, the empanada, the tart bought outside, that although it is called «light cake», the filling probably has a lot of fat and hidden calories.

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It is essential to  increase water consumption during the day . We must start and end the day drinking water. For those who find it difficult to consume water, we can replace them with flavored waters made by us, eg: water with slices of lemon or / and orange / grapefruit, cucumber and ginger. We have to go back to the natural, and reduce the consumption of commercial juices and soft drinks, even light ones, which although they do not have calories, have a lot of sodium and also stimulate the desire to eat sweet later.

Healthy breakfasts and snacks:

1.  Pear and spinach smoothie: Place 1-2 pears + 1 bunch of fresh raw spinach in a blender. Optional: you can add some almonds or 1 tablespoon of seeds and sweetener (preferably stevia) to the smoothie. Add water to cover the ingredients and blend.

2. Infusions:  Eg: green tea with a little grated ginger + 2-3 rice crackers with low-fat white cheese + optional low-fat or natural yogurt.

3. Pancake mixing the following ingredients: 2-3 egg whites + 1 tablespoon of instant oatmeal + pieces of strawberry + vanilla essence and optional a pinch of baking powder. Cook in a pan. It can be accompanied with an infusion of green tea or natural flavored water with a slice of lemon, cucumber and ginger.

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1. Omelette Capresse: with 1 yolk + 2-3 whites or just whites + 1 slice of low-fat cheese + tomato and basil. It can be served with cabbage and carrot salad.

2. Wraps stuffed with wok vegetables with tenderloin or chicken:  Use the nasturtium lettuce as a wrap.

3. Green salad, cherry tomatoes + tuna or salmon.  Optional: you can add 2 tablespoons of corn or brown rice.


1. Grilled salmon with green leafy salad.

2.  Warm vegetable salad: such as bell peppers, green onion, zucchini and roasted aubergines and their cous.

3.  Zucchini stuffed with lean minced meat and vegetables. Baked gratin with thin lean cheese feta.

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What kind of training do I follow to get into summer shape?

Personal trainer  Rodolfo A. Guajardo  teaches us that physical activity must practice to fine tune our set-up: » The most important thing is to choose an activity with which we are comfortable, not leave with the passing of time, and also , we can do it with a certain continuity, this would be 3 to 4 times a week. The ideal is to alternate training with different sports or we can also combine them with the exercises that we like the most, always with the aim of not getting bored or tired » . 

Among the options we can choose from are biking or spinning, running, swimming, weights, aerobics, step, cardiobox, elliptical, aquafitness. In general, any sporting activity will do us good. 

Recommended sports

Running is the easiest option for anyone, we do not need to access a gym, for example, to be able to carry out this activity. We just have to put on comfortable and suitable clothes, sneakers and go out to the street or to an outdoor space. When practicing this sport we have to be careful with injuries, and we must always choose to run on soft ground such as grass, to reduce the effects of rebounding. Hard surfaces, such as asphalt, are not recommended. 

The  bicycle  has a lower risk of injury in relation to running and almost all of us have one in our house. Why not use it to go to work? To go out for a walk? Riding a bicycle involves using the most important muscles of the body and alternates active periods with moments of rest. It is a very complete activity: it burns calories; reduces cholesterol, flaccidity and cellulite; strengthens the muscles, lowers blood pressure, improves the functions of the circulatory system, among other benefits. 

The swimming is also a highly recommended activity for these times and is one of the most complete, since multiple muscles are worked in both the lower body and upper body of the body. It burns fat, tones muscles, and helps prevent sagging. Also, good results are obtained, in a short time, at the cardiovascular level. 

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Lifting weights. While it was considered a men’s exercise, this has changed over time. Lifting weights is for both men and women, and it brings many benefits to our health. It is a good way to work and tone all muscle groups, increases caloric expenditure, improves blood circulation, reduces cholesterol, among other benefits. 

Participate in group classes. Group classes can also be our allies when it comes to getting in shape, since it is a fun way to exercise. In almost all of them we are going to work the cardiovascular and muscular component in the same way. 

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Stretches can also help you get in shape.

Stretches can also help you get in shape.

Stretching exercises.  Stretching is part of a complete exercise, it should be part of our routine. With them we will achieve more flexible muscles, with greater movement, and less prone to injury. With about 10, 15 minutes to stretch your muscles, reach and of course, we will obtain numerous benefits.

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